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Ha:mo is the Future of urban mobility


If you live in a big city, the most common way to get from one location to another is by cab or by train. While taking a cab can be very expensive and riding the train is often very noisey and uncomfortable. Of course the easiest way is to drive your own, but parking is the next thing that will waste your time and is often frustrating in congested areas.


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The Cité lib by Ha:mo Project has introduced a new concept of personal electric mobility in Grenoble, France being a revolutionary way to travel which is flexible and environmentally friendly. Not only this, Toyota have developed the i-ROAD, an eco-friendly electric car that can be fully charged by sunlight or within 3 hours plugged in.

This project is currently being tested in Japan and Grenoble, where 70 i-ROAD vehicles are available within almost 50km. The uniquely compact design, allows for much less consumption of energy than common cars.

Ha:mo and i-ROAD is the Future of urban mobility

The Ha:mo project is a test of the future of city mobility, with the development of an easy to use app and the high availability of vehicles, this has the potential to be the most common and comfortable way to travel through the city. We are looking forward to the expansion of the Ha:mo project with the fresh and friendly look of the Toyota i-ROAD.

Ha:mo and i-ROAD is the Future of urban mobility

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